Mixed Media Art

Ell@s Collective was a feminist art collective that I co-founded with friends in the south bay of LA. Around 2011, we held a public free art show where we had music, art, tarot readings, and even a tampon piñata filled with candy and condoms! It was the first time I featured art on an indoor/legal space and of course it was an homage to the femmes in my life. I never got to finish the piece for my sibling Gina and I’ll finish that one some day. Check out some of my art below:

Photos by Monique Arellanos


Echo/Hecho Mobilizing Through Art

Pochas Radicales are a rad group of friends, creatives, and organizers with artistic chingona politics. They invited me to speak on a podcast as a part of the Echo/Hecho art project. Check out Mobilizing Through Art for the full conversation (for best sound quality, tune in on a web browser) and to learn more about the PICA Precipe Fund click here. Podcast TW: birth trauma, miscarriage, ableism, family herstory, violence

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[Image Description: A black and white photo of siblings posed in 1930s Mexico. A femme puts their hand on their siblings shoulder and their sibling stands with a gun on their hip and a hat on their head. Acencion is pictured on the right and Carmen is pictured on the left]