Movement Building

Welcome to the movement building section of my site! Across the span of 14 years, I’ve worked across social justice movements with grassroots community groups, student groups, non profit organizations, non partisan organizations, statewide coalitions and national advocacy groups on a number of social justice issues.  Some of my past work  includes:

  • LGBTQ policy, legislation, training, grassroots, and grasstops organizing
  • Reproductive justice organizing, direct action, grassroots, and grasstops organizing
  • Immigrant and Refugee solidarity organizing and policy advocacy
  • Disability justice organizing
  • Environmental justice movement building, organizing, and training
  • Marijuana policy, implementation, and coalition building
  • Community organizing, leadership development, and trainings for trainers
  • Organizational Management

To learn more, check the #movementbuilding blogs on my site.

In solidarity,

Adrian Acencion